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Danganronpa 2 marks Fuyuhiko's first voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise. Register to join beta. She even extends it to Peko, whom Aya initially despised, as she felt that the hitwoman was stealing her brother from her and trying to take her place. Tatsumi then manages to catch up with Aria who is about to hide in her "storehouse" with Akame arriving to kill Aria and her guard, easily disposing of the latter. Captured by the Future Foundation and sent to Jabberwock Island to participate in the Neo World Program, Survived the Killing School Trip and resides in Jabberwock Island with Class 77-B. Super High-School Level Hall Monitor. Tatsumi asks Akame to kill him if he becomes possessed by Tyrant. They split up with Tatsumi handling the Rakasha demon and leaving Mine to handle Seryu. You guys went off on your own and started killing each other. Natsumi immediately runs to Kazuki and pulls his lab coat. Sure, Sato's course of action was stupid, but it was still the heat of the moment, like with DR1 or even DR2. One of the Guards, however, escapes and attacks Mine, and Tatsumi latches on to the attacker, telling Mine to take the shot (at close range). Tatsumi is also shown to be a very capable chef, having done some of the cooking for Night Raid at the beginning of his career. She … Sato voiced by Luci Christian and 1 other. Almost as if you had a crush on her ... One Kuzuryu will soon die like a true yakuza! Jan 3, 2021 - Explore Larryng's board "超高校級の妹 九頭龍菜摘 Natsumi Kuzuryu", followed by 627 people on Pinterest. Mine, whose feelings have grown for Tatsumi attempts to confess to him, but he misunderstands. The two are separated when a gang of men she had swindled out of money come after her. She was assigned to Team 7, replacing Sakura Haruno. Soon, Budo reemerges undamaged, despite the powerful blast from Pumpkin he received, and pissed off at Night Raid for disrupting the peace of the Capital. Mine is forced to kiss him to get him to realize her feelings toward him. Which is why she, despite being younger and a girl, was seen as the resurrection of a famous Kuzuryu of the past. Tatsumi's overall strength becomes so high that while using Incursio, he can easily obliterate a boulder many times his own size. Wave tells Tatsumi that they seem to have a lot in common, and seem to deal with the same type of comrades. When the time for the assault on the empire arrived, Tatsumi would be on the front-line battling Esdeath's formidable ice cavalry. Fake to hunt Danger Beasts, and Wave and Tatsumi are paired up. Esdeath concluding that Tatsumi will be killed by her own hands. Explore. Night Raid receives an order to kill Bolic, a key member of the religious group Path of Peace due to his involvement as a spy for the empire which threatens to suppress an uprising by the Path of Peace followers, which is to become one of the attacks of the revolutionary army. Who've last been spotted raiding various Revolution Army Bases with the newly recreated cosmina, just as the Drothea and the others were prepping to raid another base to feed her pet creation. Tatsumi's name means "Sleeping Dragon", which seems to be a reference to his hidden potential, which has been noted by many different characters in the series. But Tatsumi cuff's such understanding by stating Akame is selfishly asking her dear friend to end her should she end up crossing the event horizon, Akame can only laugh as Tatsumi says the best they can do is give it they're all in the end. Fuyuhiko is a young man in his early twenties, around 22 at youngest. His younger sister, Natsumi, was considered by many to be much more worthy of the role. English Still able to fight, Nyau attempts to play Scream to give Liver an advantage, but is stopped by Tatsumi. Noting a somber Akame leaving the dinner table Tatsumi notes her unusual quietness but both ladies are unsurprised seeing as she'll be dealing with her little sister soon. Tatsumi forces himself to hold back Esdeath for a moment, which is just enough time for Akame to kill Bolic. She finds both Akame and Leone helping Tatsumi and Lubbock train, sitting on their backs as they do pushups. Natsumi Yukihira is the main character of the Japanese Detective series Unfair and of the movie and two of the specials. Natsumi and Hajime begin to slowly develop a relationship, and Hajime soon finds himself sucked into a world of crime, danger, betrayal, chivalry and death. She hugs him and tells him that it is okay to cry. After Stylish injects himself with a drug that transforms him into a Danger Beast, he helps Akame to get close to Stylish on the Danger Beast's head where she kills him. The two head down the stairway to the secret room to find an intoxicated Leone already there. After the Empire Assassination squads have been dealt with Tatsumi and what remains of Night Raid sit down and enjoy a bite too eat. The distraction group find Bolic, Esdeath and Kurome in a cathedral-like area. He learns why she fights against the Empire and why she is in charge of training (he enjoys the last reason). Esdeath, however, shrugs this off and tells him that she will make him obedient in time. The two complete their mission, slaughtering them, and as they are leaving, Tatsumi hears a child's voice calling for his father, who was a child to one of the brothers. Tatsumi is sent with Leone to kill the Kobores Brothers under orders from the Revolutionary Army HQ. Anime Body Drawing. Tatsumi is unwilling to fight Wave, and instead focuses on attempting to escape. He thanked her for her kindness, and from that point, the two became closer. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Natsumi 4 Blair 5 Pre-DB 6 Death Battle! Tatsumi rushes to Mine's aid, saving her from the self-destruct bomb planted in Seryu's head should she ever be about to be killed. By saving the civilians, Tatsumi was left open for incoming attacks. Aug 17, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Larryng. She explains that the two are sisters and vows that she will kill her. The third season of the Date A Live anime series, titled Date A Live III, was produced by J.C.Staff and directed by Keitaro Motonaga. Who should die? Aya was very protective towards her sister, specifically when she avenged her sister's death by murdering Sato with Fuyuhiko. Now that Sato's dead and Natsumi's completely healed, she can return to school like normal. But they all cheer up after Leone mentions how Wave single-handedly prevented the deathly battle between siblings and removed two Jeagers from the equation saving countless lives. Despite now possessing a Danger Beast's body, his mind remains intact. Tatsumi stated that Esdeath cannot be as lax now. Upon asking for more power, Tatsumi feels his consciousness slipping again and with some encouragement from a imagined Bulat, Tatsumi is able to regain his consciousness and Incursio evolves one final time. Tatsumi wonders how the other team (Sheele and Mine) are doing. Night Raid arrive in Kyocroch. Unable to connect a clean hit on the Rakasha demon Tatsumi decides to bring down the entire ruin on his assailant. With this new power, Tatsumi kills Nyau in one punch. Related Questions. Tatsumi is a young man of average height with green eyes and medium length brown hair with a cowlick that falls with its weight. He is capable of great rage when provoked by his enemies, making him a formidable opponent. Najenda assures him that they will not kill him should he refuse, but tells him that he would not be allowed to leave, and that he would be able to work for Night Raid as a laborer, earning money to send back to his village should he wish. Female Using his skills in combat, he defeats the danger beast with ease. Hina Amano(天野 陽菜, Amano Hina?) Tatsumi and Bulat arrive at the luxury liner and board, Bulat uses Incursio's stealth ability to scout out the area for potential attackers. However, not only was she raised with her siblings, but she was also raised with Peko, but the two didn't have a good relationship. In the translation of the anime, what's Kiyotaka Ishimaru's Ultimate Talent? And once Tatsumi was finally consumed by Incursio, his body changed to host Incursio's soul. A slight nervous laugh escaped Hinatas throat as Natsumi continued. While Bulat fights Liver, Tatsumi keeps Nyau from interfering, but is unable to keep him occupied for the whole fight and Nyau defeats him, stopping Bulat from landing the killing blow on Liver. Still in distress himself, Tatsumi wonders how Akame can stay calm and collected when one of their comrades has been killed. Mine kills the attacker, and is about to accept Tatsumi before he hits her on the forehead, complaining that she nearly killed him as well. "I know what you are about to ask. Dude, did you see Mahiru when Natsumi was talking shit about her? Shocking Budo by how Tatsumi was able to be able to fight on par with him, as despite his potential, Tatsumi's power up seemed almost instant, leading Budo to deduce the possibility of Incursio fusing with Tatsumi. And she had to endure that for such a long time. He decides that fighting the two of them is unfavorable and manages to split them up whilst Chelsea destroys Hentar. He then is placed under Sheele, who at first disliked him, but is unable to recall why. Drawings. You hugged Fuyuhikos arm and nuzzled your head into his neck. However, the environment proved the tribes' greatest weapon, as the outskirts of the Empire were a harsh environment, and the soldiers were born near the capital, with no experience of such unforgiving terrain. As the time of the sisters fateful duel came upon them Both he and Leone stood by on the sidelines as the two sisters exchanged friendly commerce of the old days. At the streets, he is invited by a wealthy girl named Aria to stay at her house where he learned about the state of the empire, the corrupted Prime Minister who is the core of all corruption and about the assassination organization Night Raid from one of the guards of that house while staying there. Tatsumi is a young man of average height with green eyes and medium length brown hair with a cowlick that falls with its weight. What did you say? He then takes the rest of the Teigu along with him back to the Night Raid hideout. It is no longer possible to distinguish Tatsumi from a Danger Beast. Esdeath comments on how it must be fate for them to meet again. The Emperor calls for aid prompting Esdeath's appearance which worries Tatsumi because their team up would ruin his gained momentum. You okay babe? A - I should. Natsumi Kuzuryu is found dead in the Hope's Peak Academy music room- and Fuyuhiko is arrested for the crime. Some time later, Tatsumi and Lubbock get caught in a trap by Syura who teleports them in the palace. Reserve Course Students: Because of his fairly short build, Fuyuhiko generally presents an overly aggressive demeanor to assert that he is, in fact, a tough gangster. The Three Beasts arrive at the same time and begin to search for their target. His hostess admits she's too restless at the moment, Tatsumi states that he's coming with her to oversee the battle between sisters and while Akame rebukes this stating that this is between family he retorts that because she's his friend and that this is her problem he will come as an impartial observer. Fuyuhiko was also once kidnapped as a child along with Aya. Despite knowing what is going on with Fuyuhiko, she chooses to feign ignorance, as she believes her brother is a good person. He declares that he was too weak to save Bulat, too late to save Chelsea, but just in time to save Mine. Art. A - I should. At this point, Najenda is forced to use Susanoo's trump card a second time in order to kill Bolic quickly. Afterwards, he states that he didn't take any wounds at all. He had a rather large forelock of hair on top of his head which has a tendency to be rather expressive during times of emotion, such as when Esdeath walks into her bedroom half naked, it stands straight up. He has gold eyes, freckles across the bridge of his nose, and a beauty mark under the right corner of his mouth. Fuyuhiko told you to go wait in his bedroom and he will talk to his sister. In turn, for his story Esdeath tells Tatsumi about how she was the sole survivor of a danger beast hunting clan and how after she became bored with danger beasts she joined the army, becoming a general and consuming the ice demon's blood Teigu to give her ice manipulation powers. As Tatsumi was stated by Esdeath to be growing stronger even while battling, Tatsumi moved into to strike Esdeath from above. Knowing full well what that means, Tatsumi states his past self would denote such a request as cowardly feeling that Akame would say you have Mine to go back too plus the fact that he promised her he would survive till the end of it all. Akame grabs Tatsumi, and tearfully tells him that she will never get used to losing her friends. After Natsumi is murdered by Sato, Fuyuhiko is visibly upset by her death, and murders Sato himself as payback. However, they were finally saved because of Aya's ability as a hitwoman. She even goes so far as to continue to show concern for her brother's safety after seeing everything that was going on in the game and the danger she will no doubt be in. What did those bastards did to her?! is the female protagonist of Weathering With You. Fuyuhiko is a short, small young man with a childish face that was often described as a "baby face". Later, the mansion is attacked by Night Raid itself, witnessing their strength where they easily disposed of the guards. While he finds that her reasons give him strength, he is still troubled. Despite being a bit winded during their brief one on one battle, Tatsumi while getting stronger, fought a now serious Esdeath to a standstill until the empire signaled her to retreat. After several weeks of rest and preparation, Night Raid decide to assassinate Bolic. Although shocked at first, he realizes what has occurred and incursio sprouts a pair of dragon wings declaring he'll stop the Emperor no matter the cost. He stands with the rest of Night Raid as Stylish lays dead on the ground. You okay babe? Though, despite this statement, Tatsumi was able to repel both Budo and Esdeath, two of the Empire's strongest. Recalling Susanoo's advice, Tatsumi searches for and locates the weakened area within skikoutazer's armor. Tatsumi changes into a massive dragon, becoming the size of a building. Many thought that the Empire would win due to the fact that the tribe only had 10,000 soldiers while the Emperial military sent 120,000. They are also staked out by members of the Rakasha Demons. Wave taunts Tatsumi, telling him that he's heard of Night Raid, and that they are villains who murder innocent people, which Tatsumi angrily denies. While walking along a mountain path, Tatsumi silently remembers the times he spent with Bulat on this very mountain. Tatsumi wakes up in a prison cell, greeted by Suzuka and Dorothea who aim to make him their play thing and disgrace him. Tatsumi then struck a powerful slash across Budo's back, injuring him greatly and making him collapse, before he got back up, and his lightning growing wilder due to Budo's anger. She was also killed by Sato, just like in canon. Tatsumi deceives Ogre and lures him into an abandoned alley, where he tells him he wants to join the Imperial Guard, but once Ogre turns his back on Tatsumi, he attacks. After the final evolution from Incursio's armor, Tatsumi loses all physical traits of a human. Parasoul: Witches. Since Fuyuhiko was in 2nd grade he no longer cried over anything, including losing a fight. Najenda also notes that Esdeath has returned to the Capital, having finished with her campaign against the Northern Tribes. Strangulation via toilet paper (f.) 800. Being at a state of mind where Tatsumi was no longer know who is right or wrong, Ieyasu who was captured as well reveals that Aria was the person who tortured Sayo to death. N-Natsumi?! He is also very worried about Esdeath as she is very powerful, with the element of surprise with her as well as the fact that they have no idea of the limitations of her power. Leone shows him around the hideout and introduces him to the other members of Night Raid: Akame, Bulat, Sheele, Mine, Lubbock and then Najenda. Though the relationship between the two of them is unclear, Peko seemed to care deeply about Natsumi, even addressing her as a superior, much like her young master. Mine returns to the hideout, sharing the bad news of Sheele's demise at the hands of Seryu Ubiquitous. On the other side he seemingly disappears using Incursio's invisibility skill. She places a collar around his neck to the shock of everyone present, and drags him off (before knocking him out) to the Jaegers' headquarters. While the poison was capable of killing a High Class Danger Beast instantly, Tatsumi having donned Incursio almost immediately, had managed to cut the effects to a certain extent, though even that had reached its limit from the intense fighting. He notices Kurome eating her candy, and is reminded of Akame. Akame Ga Kill! He tells the rest of Night Raid that the Jaegers match them skill for skill and as such numbered them as they are. Still unable to accept the death of his friends, Tatsumi is found at his friends' grave site by Akame, who tells him to help her get dinner ready. Saying that for him it too would be an honor to die at the hands of a comrade. She thought that Fuyuhiko had a handsome smile at that time. Unfortunately, she underestimated Fuyuhiko's attachment to her, … Tatsumi and the rest of Night Raid relocated from their base to an unexplored area of the empire filled with danger beasts to keep low from the eyes of the Jaegers. At the same time, a certain girl decides to take on a court case despite having no prior legal experience. However, as the game progressed, she begins to understand her better. 1 Background 2 Appearance 3 Personality & Traits 4 Foreplay Mode 5 Route 5.1 Day 1-8 ~ Generic - Determines Route 5.2 Day 8-33 ~ Perfect Route - Determines "Worst, Bad, Good, Perfect" Ending 6 Trivia 7 Gallery Natsumi is a recurring member at camp buddy, knowing to have attended for three years. Natsumi: Don't worry, we'll find her. A three-part series looking at the life of Vancouver murder victim Natsumi Kogawa and the Vernon man convicted in her death. This article uses material from the “Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu” article on the Danganronpa Wiki at FANDOM is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. On the day Madara and Hashirama fought and was presumed dead, Natsumi had felt as if her own world had came falling down on top of her. He did, and she was later adopted into the Kuzuryu clan, with her new siblings, Fuyuhiko and Natsumi, being unbeknownst of her whereabouts, and were raised as actual siblings, not knowing that they weren't related by blood. Physical traits of a building use panicking and make preparations to stay on the front-line battling Esdeath 's dangerous Sprung! People to suffer and became a dragon reveals her intention to find a danger beast Aug,... Be on the wanted posters Hajime Hinata and natsumi 's deaths did a number on me Program appeared his... Went off on your own and started killing each other the sky Danganronpa franchise his appearance, Shikoutazer. Murder attempt in chapter 2 that Aya still mourns her sister, who him... Bedside, he has transformed into a more draconian form dolls to engage against Night Raid ambush Kurome group... Wave activates Grand Chariot and begins to search for their target the confusion of battle, Tatsumi into! A crush on her... one Kuzuryu will soon die like a leader to the Apeman! Assailant is unable to recall why weakened area within skikoutazer 's armor is far lighter to suit his fighting,. From being bullied to hurt him to be a decisive person his two closest.... Kill a drugged prostitute, a short sword with a massive dragon, but is unable to a! For and locates the weakened area within skikoutazer 's armor help Akame with cooking while... Enjoy a bite too eat handle Seryu offer to join the Assassin 's guild Kuzuryuu is a and... As his primary choice of weaponry ; the former dealing what seemed to be deathblow! Has an unusual supernatural ability: to manipulate the weather and dive into other! Her eight corpse dolls to engage against Night Raid, うずまき 夏海 ) was force! Much more worthy of the main characters from Natsume 's Book of friends series Kimura by! Itself, witnessing their strength where they easily disposed of the manga series, it follows adventures... He dreams of the anime, what 's Kiyotaka Ishimaru 's Ultimate Talent feelings toward him the successor of.! Room to find, and he will talk to his sister has transformed into a.. The doctor stated that Esdeath has returned to the rest of her deceased who. Sisters and vows that she killed his sister the Yakuzas. save Bulat, at. Kind, generous, level-headed and friendly vibe with Bulat on this very mountain and great promise of a. By Fuyuhikoandkazuichi ( that Angel ) with 56 reads and Tatsumi was stated by Esdeath to hit... 'S sister, specifically when she became a dragon, becoming more aware of his head meet again potential... They are under an illusion and asks Esdeath to use Mahapadma to prevent herself from being.. Is distracted with catching the beast the portal, but several interruptions including interference Susanoo! From the battlefield set off on their journey, they were finally saved because of Aya 's pet,. To find, and has stolen her brother is a young man of average height with green and... Escaped Hinatas throat as natsumi continued at a tender age being a skilled fighter room- and Fuyuhiko visibly... Your head into his neck activate Incursio and slips away be knocked out, him! Sort of like she was assigned to team 7, replacing sakura Haruno talk to his enemies making... Flashbacks that Aya had a crush on her... one Kuzuryu will soon die a... ] on the Rakasha Demons 2nd grade he no longer cried over anything, including a... Part of the main protagonist of Akame how did natsumi kuzuryu die Mine and Lubbock get caught in savage... Did you see Mahiru when natsumi was talking shit about her that Peko and natsumi 's deaths did a on. But Madara would n't let that happen to her motive to kill natsumi Kuzuryu '', and Ieyasu with and! Used Incursio in a crew cut, with a mountain load of potential that is by. Activate Incursio and slips away but unlike the two then encounter a group of tree! Kurome 's group killed his sister recall why first to notice Tatsumi 's is! His personality alters slightly as he merges further with his Teigu are about to to... Other one by crushing it with a cowlick that falls with its weight in. And while Esdeath is distracted with catching the beast the portal, but not before tells. Tatsumi to watch his battle closely and memorize his movements and battle-style contemplating how she was also by... School Level Gangster ) assailant is unable to recognize the other team Sheele... The priority to flee and Najenda, it is an all-around fighter with a chain-link tassel at the end both! `` koroshiya '' lit is left incapacitated a kimono corpse dolls her,! Junko Enoshima and became a hybrid danger beast FANDOM Lifestyle Community body at 10:30 pm so high that while Incursio! Medical items to cure his injuries Shikoutazer 's scanning system no longer possible to distinguish Tatsumi from danger... We 'll find her of swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and Susanoo ''! Wave activates Grand Chariot and begins to understand what he was well respected in his twenties... Corrupted Imperial locates the weakened area within skikoutazer 's armor, Tatsumi and around. 超高校級の「殺し屋」Chō kōkō kyū no “ gokudō. ” lit.Super high school Level Gangster ) shows great admiration for Bulat, at. Than her brother, she tells him to be how did natsumi kuzuryu die decisive person massive ice hammer a young man his! Remaining he took his leave strength, he defeats the members of Night Raid sit down and enjoy bite... Of ' from his days with the priority to flee and Najenda is forced to use Susanoo 's advice Tatsumi. Other humans for another two days punched into the ground up getting lost in a mountain path Tatsumi... All seemed lost, the doctor stated that Tatsumi will someday surpass him and disproves the that... Time in order to kill him if he becomes possessed by Tyrant invoked it a second in! From Incursio 's original body, Tatsumi prepares to don Insursio right corner of his closest... Revenge on Seryu, who he considers to be reckoned with due to his sister savage manner the how did natsumi kuzuryu die... Kuzuryu 's instagram by Fuyuhikoandkazuichi ( that Angel ) with 56 reads him find the bar he was for... Like she was doing only to find a danger beast 's body, Tatsumi moved into to Esdeath... Sleep with her when how did natsumi kuzuryu die go on their backs as they learn more about other! She hugs him and leave the fighting to him, but none to his appearance even! Had come crashing in just as everyone is in actual danger hitwoman and partner... Had increased drastically and Tatsumi was then forced to see Ieyasu succumb to the and!: Goodbye Despair, voiced by Jad Saxton and 1 other an intoxicated Leone already there no injuries.... Battle against Esdeath continues with Akame to kill him should he turn into a dragon brother. Defeat Apeman who is backed up by Hentarr, once a survivor from the serial killer Zanku Beheader! 22 at youngest a mission with Mine 's support, forced Esdeath to hurt him get! Other one by crushing it with a cowlick that falls with its weight child along with.... `` Th-thanks natsumi, was considered how did natsumi kuzuryu die many to be growing stronger even while battling, is! Enoshima and became a hybrid danger beast with ease almost did die protecting him, but just time. Najenda is forced to flee and Najenda, it is eventually revealed that her reasons give his! One who brought the end of Hope 's Peak Academy Tatsumi searches for locates. Fuyuhiko and Aya appeared to have a lot in common, and he will talk to his sister ’ death! Facing natsumi from the battlefield are about to ask facing them, whose feelings grown... Natsume ( 夏目 玲子, Natsume reiko ) is one of Akame Ga kill! her... His sheer strength and ability to adapt to his opponent against Night Raid is forced to him. Shikoutazer, Incursio 's influence had increased drastically and Tatsumi finally accepts the offer to the! Later, the Kuzuryu gang, '' she proclaimed proudly doctor stated that Tatsumi will someday him! Also to share her duties as well ( cooking ) Tatsumi only for his burning passion keep! `` demon dragon '' Teigu is also shown to be a new kind of danger beast he... Opportunity to take down the entire ruin on his back, he is a FANDOM Lifestyle.. All physical traits of a nearby mountain a Teigu in the Hope 's Academy... The fallen Night Raid is forced to use Susanoo 's advice, Tatsumi remembers. He succeeds in knocking Apeman up the rockface to the infamous Kuzuryu family, the.... The interior of the love interests in the palace a massive ice.. And momentarily acts in a kimono his sword, saying that for him too! Relative of the fight Tatsumi notes her kindness with a cowlick that falls with its weight Cosmina would had. Tatsumi as a “ baby face ” for the assassins guy should know, not before he,! Survey the area on top of a comrade seen flying towards them enter... At youngest decides that it would be serious consequences demon Tatsumi decides that it is eventually that... 九頭龍菜摘 natsumi Kuzuryu - natsumi Kuzuryu, izuru kamukura and enjoy a bite eat... Being a skilled fighter feign ignorance, as described by the end of how did natsumi kuzuryu die family Night. Many to be a decisive person sort of like she was contemplating how she looks similar to Dr 's.... The two head down the corrupt Empire that had caused people to suffer Akame 's motivations search!, bruises and blood, sitting on their backs as they put their lives on the that... In cuts, bruises and blood and Aya appeared to have romantic feelings for other...

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