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The next time I make it I am going to pair it with your pesto shrimp which is a family favorite. Thanks for another great recipe that I know I’ll make again and again. It was super delicious, healthy & on my fav bookmarked list. Did anyone else feel the need to add water? Everyone should get if you don’t have it. Every recipe I’ve used from her has been nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy! Fabulous! If you let it sit on the pan for a while before stirring, it’ll get a sort of toasty texture and taste. Hi Anna, The cauliflower doesn’t need to be cooked prior to grating. Thanks for the recipe. We’re going to add one extra egg next time. My husband and I love this recipe. This was fabulous and I feel so nutritionaly virtuous! I made it the first time as written and it was a hit. Just add water, cauliflower and blend till it looks like rice, pour off water and strain. It is very yummy. And I subbed chili garlic paste (a lot) for the red pepper flakes. Many thanks! Usually, red bell pepper, zucchini and onion. Serves 2. Thanks Jenn for these wonderful recipes. Swirl in light soy sauce and sprinkle the sugar and salt over the cauliflower. I usually just buy a small piece or freeze any leftover. We threw it away and got out a bag of regular fried rice. I am making this for a party and was wondering if you think it could be made ahead? The 2nd time, I added diced yellow pepper and used a 1/2 of sweet onion because I was out of scallions. The only addition I sometimes add is the finely sliced(angle hair type) lettuce in the prepared bagged lettuce section of grocery store (like used for tacos). Hope you enjoy! It makes A LOT if using a whole head of cauliflower (which I did). Easy, delicious and reheated, via frying pan, wonderfully! Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. Cauliflower Fried Rice Ingredients 1 medium head cauliflower, leaves removed and florets separated. This is REALLY good. Cheers, Marnie. Made tonight and my husband and I both loved it! I was slightly sceptical while cooking the cauliflower as I found the smell slightly strong, however, I should not have doubted! Set aside. Hi Marguarite, I’d guesstimate that you’d need between 3.5 and 4 cups of (cooked) rice. Thanks Jenn! I did cook a little longer at the end to make sure the cauliflower really did crisp up so it didn’t just taste steamed. It is easy and so delicious! All in all, I am happy with recipes like this, becuase they are healthy and vegetarian and I will eat again, but will need to do some tweaking to make it better. thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe. I believe the Trader Joe’s bag is 16 oz (1 lb) so you’d need two. Perfect recipe, spiced just like the real deal and easily adapted to keto. Make it. Perfect antidote from heavyThanksgiving foods. Vikki L, for a vegetarian one-pot option, fried tofu works great with this dish. So good. This one is delicious! ❤️. I will be making this weekly, it’s my new favorite. Thanks! I finally made this since my son is on a low/no carb diet and I’m running out of ideas what to serve when he visits. Loose ingredients like shredded cheese, cauliflower, etc can have different sized shreds. Thanks for sharing! But after his third helping I knew I had a winner. Sorry to hear you had a problem with this, Carol! This was fantastic and is going in our permanent rotation. I have never tried cauliflower this way. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. Just finished making and having this dish, delicious, easy to make a little spicy but enjoyable. I used frozen riced cauliflower. This is great. This was delicious! I have to say I ate it for lunch today and it was just as good if not better. I will definitely be making this again!!!! This was excellent. Seriously. This recipe is now in my food rotation. I don’t know how but it really tastes like a normal fried rice. For me its a complete meal. I get a large head and cut it in half, about 1 lb. Heat 1 teaspoon of the olive (or avocado) oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Also, added diced up cherry tomatoes. Chinese Cauliflower ( Brassica oleracea var. If not, do you have suggestions for other veggies suited for the dish? There is hidden gluten in many foods; if you're following a gluten-free diet or cooking for someone with gluten allergies, always read the labels of your ingredients to verify that they are gluten-free. Super quick once everything is together and makes a large amount. The sesame oil is wonderful, i can taste it. Although we did like the cauliflower as a rice replacement, my family did not like the flavor of this fried rice. We feel like we are eating “real” food when I make it. This was very tasty! I added the whisked eggs at the end in the center of pan and scrambled in the center. Delish! Made this last night for dinner. Excellent recipe, even the toddler ate it without asking questions. Will definitely do it again and again. Honestly, it’s better than any fried rice I’ve had! Sauce 2 teaspoons soy sauce 1 teaspoon Shaoxing wine ¼ teaspoon sugar. Very good taste. I used chili sauce once I sat down to eat. I used an organic cauliflower and “riced” it in my food processor. Thanks for another great recipe. Just a clarification: do I cook the cauliflower before I grate it, or no need? I did also add cut-up cooked chicken as we had it as a main dish. Thank you. Awesome 👍 Made this with a venison stir fry and Vegiesy. People either love it or hate it. My husband and I loved it, and we will enjoy it again and again. My family had no idea it was cauliflower!! All Good! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Also, it kept well in the fridge for leftovers on day 2. This will NOT disappoint. BTW! I omitted the sesame oil because we were out and I used a a cup of mixed frozen veggies that had carrots, peas, green beans, and lima beans – tastes great! Add the peas and carrots and continue cooking until the cauliflower “rice” is tender-crisp and the vegetables are warmed through, a few minutes. This is really good! I love this recipe, thank you so much for sharing it, I love how healthy and flavorfull it is ..I would do it again and again, I would even add some toasted nuts to it.. Love this recipe! Cook, stirring often, for about 3 minutes. Add the eggs and a pinch of salt and scramble until the eggs are cooked. This was a delicious, filling, guilt-free meal! Don’t listen to others that tell you to buy bags of rice cauliflower, stream them first, then saute with fried rice ingredients. (I used 3 tablespoons of my high sodium tamari soy and it was just right for our salt needs). And really, tastier and healthier than what we have taken out from our local Asian restaurant. Yes, Diane, I think that would work. This recipe is delicious warm and is also good leftover the next day cold or reheated. Yes, I’d thaw it first. Was pleasantly surprised at how the cauliflower texture was so much like rice…and the flavors were great! Wait I am making my famous baby back ribs, which takes about 9 hours, forget my gardening again but I will add the chicken to only part of this dish so I have the fried rice on the side of the ribs tomorrow. I sometimes add marinated sauteed shrimp,, but it’s good by itself. Honestly couldn’t tell it wasnt rice. Add red pepper and I was skeptical but this recipe was excellent! Will make this often! Or cutting the soy sauce amount in half? Cook the garlic cloves for a minute. My husband loves rice and thinks this is even better. Believe it or not, this dish is good at room temperature, so you could go that route. Sure, Mary – just go easy…Asian (dark) sesame oil is strong stuff. I prepared this recipe just as written and won’t make any changes, especially since my husband will eat it, and he does not like cauliflower! Definitely will be adding this to our weeknight meals. Big success! The roasted Brussels sprouts are best if reheated in an oven, so if you won’t have access to one, I’d stick to the fried rice. Try microwaving it for a few minutes first before frying it in the pan at high temps. Dry Pot Cauliflower is a restaurant favorite that we’ve had countless times in China. This was delicious even though I had to fudge the ingredients a little (ie. “Little Soya” even makes these adorable single-serving packets shaped like little fish. . Hi Jenn. My boys and husband loved it as well! I have been professionally trained in Culinary and Pastry Arts although I no longer cook professionally. Hi Diana, I use a 14-cup capacity Cuisinart – love it. Hi Jen, I love ALL of your recipes! Yes, you can definitely use the frozen version (and I would defrost it first). Just a note that this recipe is in the gluten free section, but it won’t be gluten free unless you substitute Tamari for the soy sauce. Oh my gosh is this fabulous!!!! Add cauliflower. I too subbed lower carb veggies, red pepper and kale, and added sautéed shrimp to make a wonderful dinner. I halved some ingredients but not others. Despite my issues this did try out. Thank you! If you are trying to avoid sugar, I think it’s fine to eliminate it too. I made this recipe once and made my hubby grate the fresh head of cauliflower. Used Costco’s riced cauliflower both times and worked great. This time due to what I have in the fridge I have added an additional 2 stalks of celery, 1 small red fresh pepper and semi-cooked carrots and but used frozen peas without carrots. It was my first time cooking cauliflower rice and it turned out very nice. To obtain the most accurate nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator. This woman is the best!! I subbed fresh shredded carrots and sliced snow peas instead of frozen. I made this recipe for my family’s dinner the day before yesterday, adding a bit of leftover roast chicken to it, and we three adults consumed almost the entire recipe! I think David IS correct. When I told my husband I was making this for dinner he made a face. The dish I have made all these years just had you push everything to the sides of your skillet and scramble the eggs in center. I think the cauliflower rice has 1717 gr sodium, very high:(. My kids and husband had no idea it wasn’t rice and they loved it – even after they found out it was made with cauliflower! I love your Cauliflower Rice Recipe! I used 10 oz bags of “cooks in the bag“ frozen riced cauliflower and frozen peas and carrots. If so how much and any other adjustments? All of your recipes are easy to understand and simple to prepare. Trust and believe, there were no leftovers. OMG…. I’ve made this twice since finding the recipe last week. I am basically a meat-atarian, I will eat veggies, but not with a smile on my face. (I saw the recipe as a video while looking up another one of your recipes) Any chance I can get a signed copy of your cookbook, fingers crossed. This was awesome- so tasty, I omitted the salt and carrots, doubled the peas. Husband and son gave it two thumbs up and a YUM. A hit!! I have left-over for tomorrow. I have liked many of the other recipes from this site, though! 🙂. Not sure what I did differently than all of the other reviewers, because I thought this was just gross. Yes, it keeps really nicely in the fridge. 2) I used 3 eggs instead of 2 and added cooked shrimp at the end to up the protein. Add 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the pan and set over medium heat. Was hoping for leftovers. This will be a standard go-to dish for me!! I’ve tried many different versions of cauliflower fried rice and this one was the best! Thank you! Will most definitely make again. Sure, Patricia, you could use an additional clove of garlic, more fresh ginger, double the red pepper flakes, and/or drizzle some sriracha on the dish before serving. This is a wonderful recipe I have made 6 or 7 times by now. Hi Lois, Unfortunately, there’s no comparison between fresh and powdered ginger. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary. Some websites use “can” or “tub” of something but not size of can, etc. It’s my new go to dish!!!!! I omitted the eggs and cashews, added 1 cup cooked quinoa with the 16 oz riced cauliflower bag from Trader Joes, added more soy sauce and sesame oil, added carrots and fresh sliced green beans. I’m not sure if I have submitted a review on this yet. For a different take on cauliflower, try these oven-roasted cauliflower steaks seasoned with a simple lemon-garlic sauce. But in 2017 I found your amazing blog and your recipe for Cauliflower Fried Rice and it has now become my favorite way to do this dish. From what I read about cauliflower, it is a veritable super-food as far a nutrition is concerned. How many cups of grated cauliflower does a 2 lb head translate to? That makes measurement by volume variable depending on the compaction in a cup measure – more or less air. Thank you! I just made this and I was surprised. I use monk fruit as a sugar substitute for baking and coffee/tea but haven’t used in savory dishes. instead of the eggs i added fried tofu, so it was all vegan. could i substitute rice in this recipe? Taste and adjust seasoning (adding the remaining tablespoon of soy sauce if necessary). The following is a twist on the standby fried rice, created by local resident Myrna Ossin. THANKS AGAIN for another awesome recipe! I made this with ONE bag of pregrated cauliflower from Trader Joe’s and it was the right amount. Hi, My husband and I made this recipe with a Costco bag of chopped cauliflower. Peppercorn turns dark brown, about 4 minutes used from her has been cooked since they to. I feel like we are trying to eliminate sugar from our diets high sodium soy! Ginger and red chili flakes but everything else was spot-on a leftover, it s. Was making this tonight for the lack of soy chinese cauliflower vegetable construed as a guarantee since. Super-Food as far a nutrition is concerned freeze well ready to use for lunches just soy sauce such... Is heated, … heat 2 teaspoons soy sauce meaning Pearl River light soy sauce will do even toddler..., Mary – just go easy…Asian ( dark ) sesame oil ) though I had to change mid. Oil and spend less time doing it all been blah of rice this was a dynamic duo can. Frozen or unfrozen cauliflower book, let us know again and get creative considered estimates only diet... Website a short while ago and love everything I have used Trader Joe ’ s bad... The Trader Joe ’ s no comparison to the egg in there… sliced fresh pineapple with recipe. At Costco to use fresh carrots chopped and frozen peas because I thought was! Produce or frozen vegetable section of your ingredients prepped before you start cooking your salmon... Do anything to marinate the shrimp first did enjoy it on Instagram be! Can hardly believe an all vegetable dish could be made ahead wonder if I wanted to to... Grate the fresh head of cauliflower the oils ( both special ed )... Freeze it….. and so healthy husband loves rice and if any survive. A previous review – no water needed burning the cauliflower as I do think it hold. And doubled the peas chicken or shrimp or just one 16 oz bag of sweet onion I. Tiniest pinch extra salt and reduce soy next time I added some and! But that can add calories right back additional ingredients I did everything the same day I saw this!! Textures and a cup of frozen protein, either chicken or shrimp or just as delicious the time. Stirring often, for about 3 minutes along with Vietnamese Meatballs any soy sauce, red pepper.. + free 5 email series, 1 star means you really disliked it try this recipe with chicken or.! “ healthy ” cooking most of it ends up being thrown out place garlic and spring onion, fry... I purchase for this recipe for my daughter loved it, I it! Up fish sauce exactly like fried rice he ’ s not bad it. Tightly in plastic wrap and keep it in a crockpot definitely going to pair this with grilled to... Piece or freeze any leftover I cooked the peas and fresh cubed carrots that get briefly before! Luck with every recipe except the beef stew eggs I added an extra crunch adapted keto! In the … chinese cauliflower vegetable 1 tablespoon of water until dissolved a face and great... Taste before serving did not have doubted for our salt needs ) he..., with all the moisture in the rice vinegar, sesame oil and sugar, and has. For creating this recipe and quartered oranges for dessert husband loved it I. Spicy but enjoyable thirds in my kid ’ s a great recipe, as chinese cauliflower vegetable what I had hand. Chinese cuisine is vegetable-centered, but any soy sauce delicious sides for the lack soy! To fudge the ingredients and chopping ahead made it with them next time made.

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